The work makes us smirk in spite of ourselves! The TV anime of “Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san” starts in January 2018!

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The animation of this work was finally announced!

The work makes us smirk in spite of ourselves!

I’m really glad!! I am moved and smirk just by watching the official promotional video!!

I am having too much fun with this animation! I can live by 2018 thanks to this announcement!

It was announced on the 6th of this month that the animation of the young comedy “Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san” which total sales of comics exceed 2.5 million in well-received series at “GET THE SUN!” (SHOGAKUKAN) will be broadcasted in January 2018.

This work is a manga with everyday that Nishikata a junior high student who is deeply in love is teased by Takagi who sits next to him drawing. This work was posted irregularly at “GET THE SUN!” or “GET THE SUN! mini”, but since popularity came out, it was promoted to series in this issue in 2016. Currently, the comic of this work is released to 6 volumes.

The first part of the promotion video and the key visual were released!

In the first part of the promotion video, one scene that Takagi and Nishikata are in the classroom is drawn. The scene is also drawn in the original comic.

In the key visual, she is staring at us with a naughty look.

Please enjoy his and her mellow conversation in the first half, and her power word that makes our heart skipped a beat in the second half!

In addition, this time, voice actors who play the main characters were announced! The role of Takagi was decided to Rie Takahashi, and the role of Nishikata was decided to Yuuki Kaji. Official comments from the voice actors have also been made public!

And the skillful staff who handle the animation was also released. Hiroaki Akagi is the director, Michiko Yokote makes a series composition, Aya Takano designs characters, Takuji Mogi and Natsuko Kondo do the overall drawing director, SHIN-EI ANIMATION creates the animation.We are also really looking forward to this animation. We have been reading this work for long time with comics, so making this work animation makes us be very happy.

Will this work be an animation for 10 minutes, or is it …?

“Teasing” love comedy. Please expect the follow-up report of this work!

Tentatively, I think Next Winter Animation will be too rich!

I feel that the production team is getting serious.

I feel that the expectation for the animation in 2018 will increase!


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