Let’s visit Hida Takayama where there are wonderful people, townscapes and foods.


Hida Takayama, familiar as a sacred place for TV animation “Hyouka”, has become famous as a sacred place of “Your Name.” now. However, those who comes there for “Your Name.” can’t understand the charm of Hida Takayama alone. Because the way of Seichi junrei of “Hyouka” can satisfy you, I think that you can enjoy more by visiting Hida Takayama after reading this article and watching “Hyouka”.

Time and expanses for Seichi junrei

Two days from  we did Seichi junrei of “Hyouka”.

We went to Takayama from Tokyo with a Shinkansen and Limited Express Wide View Hida.

The cost of this time was 27,800 yen including transportation and accommodation expenses. I think this place is very cheap.

By the schedule, we departed Tokyo station at 6:18, changed at Nagoya station at 7:45, arrived at Takayama station at 10:02. The total traveling time took about 3 hours and 30 minutes on one way. However, we got off at Hida Ichinomiya station in front of Takayama station in order to participate in Living Hina Festival.

also distributed free Seichi junrei maps!!!


Hida Takayama’s charms besides Living Hina Festival

This time we went to Takayama for Living Hina Festival, but there are many other attractions of Hida Takayama. We’ll introduce Takayama’s townscape where characters of “Hyouka” live.

Introduction of a cafe “Bagpipe”

↑  ”Bagpipe” familiar with pineapple sandwich in the story.


↑  Coffee shop that appears in episodes 2 and 3.


↑  We had a little break time.

Miyagawa Morning Market appeared in the opening, a specialty of Takayama


↑ Place where Kotenbu’s members walked in the opening movie

↑  It is the place where Hotaro walked in the rain.

When we walked along the river for a while, we arrived at a bridge with a famous scene during the opening.

↑  The stone that appeared in the opening

The scene of Arakusu shrine


↑ The scene Kotenbu’s members appear

↑ New Year’s greeting scene in episode 20

You can see that people are people support the animation of “Hyouka” throughout the city.


The cultural festival of Kamiyama High School which appeared in the story also be held.

↑  The poster of the festival

A poster of “Hyouka” is pasted here and there.


Goods are also substantial.




We found the panel of “Haruchika”.

Gifu is famous as sacred places for various animations besides “Hyouka”.

↑  The panel of “Haruchika” we found in front of the music room


Hida beef is recommended for lunch


Speaking of lunch at Takayama is Hida beef, of course. We eat Hida beef in a restaurant called “Yohei” every time. The price is low and the atmosphere in the store is nice.

The lunch I ate



↑You can burn as you like.

↑Hida beef sushi which is famous locally


The shops are also sacred places

After eating lunch, we ate around in an old town. There are various kinds of shops in the streets.

There is place you absolutelyhave to go when you are going to do Seichi junrei. That is a cafe “Katsute”. “Katsute” in the story is “Hihumi”. The sign of this shop is the same as what is in the story by the shop’s good will.


↑  The sign of the cafe “Katsute” becomes “Hihumi”

↑   Houtarou and Iris were talking together in this place

Takayama library which appeared in episode 18

We got permission at the familiar library in episode 18 and photographed.

This is the place where Hotaro and Eru dated. I was surprised that the level of reproduction was very high.






Let’s go here once at Takayama.


For the time being as Seichi junrei, this is the end, but there were other interesting things in fact. It is such a wonderful place that I want to go as a fan of “Hyouka” once a month. In addition, there was a calm feeling that can’t be expressed by words. It is the best place because it supports “Hyouka” throughout the area as a town habitat. Takayama is also famous as a sightseeing spot, so please try traveling as Seichi jenrei of “Hyouka”. I will write articles that convey the attraction of Takayama City along with articles about Seichi jenrei of “Hyouka” again.


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