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Anime lovers everyone, welcome to Tokyo Anime Geek!

The URL of this site is http://www.tokyoanimegeek.com,  and we abbreviate this as “Tokyo Anime Geek” or “TAG”.

We’ll send information in a blog format every day.

“Tokyo Anime Geek Editorial Department” of “Tokyo Geek” being based in Tokyo is administering this site.

In this site, we write in the system environment of Tokyo, some Japanese are included in the sentence. As much as possible we’ll send out for overseas people, please understand.

We’ll write local anime and comics impressions, records of Seichi junrei, events and so on, but we don’t compare what we saw in Seichi junrei, with the capture of animation. Because people who like animation can understand without comparison. People who can’t understand please do Seichi junrei after watching the animation firmly.

We’ll treat information such as impression of anime and manga, record of pilgrimage and events. We’ll make sticking to what is unique to the locality and make this site be useful when you come to Japan.

Please understand writing articles at the editorial department’s point of view.

Site Operation : Tokyo Geek