Seichijunrei of Japanese Animation “Hyouka” in the Living Hina Festival “IKIBINA MATSURI” part 2


Hello, everyone. This special feature is Part 2 of “Hyouka”.

We went to Takayama on 3rd and 4th April. On the first day We went to Hida Ichinomiya Minashi Shrine for the Living Hina Festival and on the second day We seichijunrei Takayama.


This time, we will continue to report on the Living Hina Festival in detail as well as part 1.

9:30~  We saw the original duplicates of “Hyouka”, took pictures and talked happily with the fans.

We still had time to the Living Hina Festival’s line, so we saw the cherry blossom trees that appeared in the final episode. (We also do this every year.)

The cherry blossom trees that appeared in the final episode.

The cherry trees are “Garyuuzakura” that appeared as cherry trees blooming out of season. These seem to be famous locally, but these weren’t almost blooming at that time. Cherry blossoms in Takayama are around May.

↑This is “Garyuuzakura”, estimated age is over 1100 years.

↑The commentary on “Gayuuzakura” is written in English, Chinese and Korean.

The Living Hina Queue

After that, we bought lunch and arranged in the Living Hina Queue.

By the way, there are differences between the festival in the story and the actual festival.

One of them is the way of the queue.

Another of them is the person has an umbrella on a person with an umbrella.

When the queue started, more people came and more applause and great cheers were heard.

↑People who came to see the once a year queue

The queue finally appeared. In the beginning, drums and children who took the form of Otonosama and Ohinasama came out.

↑Ohinasama has not appeared yet.

Actually, in the Living Hina Festival of 2016, the hero was in charge of the role of holding a heroine’s umbrella in the final episode of “Hyouka”, so the role with holding an umbrella was decided by lottery by fans.

Ohinasama has appeared behind a person holding an umbrella. We waited her!

↑ Ohinasama was very beautiful.

↑ We followed the queue for long distance.

There was a queue behind them.

After the queue, we went to see the goods of “Hyouka” while children were doing rituals removing the stains in the main shrine. I bought Hida beef’s curry.

Throwing rice cakes by Living Hina

At the end of the festival there were introductions of Living Hina and rice cake throwing.

There were too many people for us to catch one rice cake.

In the end, a big straw was thrown.

This straw came just to me, so I interacted with people around me.  I got a part of the straw.

↑ There is a legend that you can be happy when you have this straw.

After event

In the after event, the cheering committee of “Hyouka” opened a lottery.

↑The special prize was an autograph of Task Ohna introduced in part 1.

The contents of the goods were also substantial, it was interesting to see.

It was a lavish lottery, but we couldn’t win the autograph.

The Living Hina Festival of 2016 came to an end without fail, and then we headed to the inn that we had reserved.If you plan to go to the sacred place of “Hyouka”, we recommend that you go there on April 3rd.


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